Ulterra and Riptide Ulterra General Maintenance Tips (2015-present)

General Maintenance

The Ulterra needs some general maintenance to keep it running properly. We recommend the maintenance listed below. Click the button below if you would like to access the Ulterra Troubleshooting Guide.

  • The composite shaft requires periodic cleaning and lubrication for proper retraction and deployment. A coating of an aqueous based silicone spray will improve operation.
  • The propeller must be inspected and cleaned from weeds and fishing line after every use. Fishing line and weeds can get behind the prop, damage the seals and allow water to enter the motor.
  • Verify the prop nut is secure each time the motor is used.
  • To prevent accidental damage during transportation or storage, disconnect the battery whenever the motor is off of the water. For prolonged storage, lightly coat all metal parts with an aqueous based silicone spray.
  • For maximum battery life recharge the battery(s) as soon as possible after use. For maximum motor performance restore battery to full charge prior to use.
  • Keep battery terminals clean with fine sandpaper or emery cloth.
  • The propeller is designed to provide weed free operation with very high efficiency. To maintain this top performance, the leading edge of the blades must be kept smooth. If they are rough or nicked from use, restore to smooth by sanding with fine sandpaper.
  • Keep the Foot Pedal well dry and clean. Debris that gets in the Foot Pedal can cause interference of pedal operation. It is recommended to use compressed air to clean the foot pedal after each use.
  • After every use of a Riptide Ulterra in saltwater, the entire motor should be rinsed with freshwater, then wiped down with a cloth dampened with an aqueous based silicone spray. Do not spray water into the ventilation openings in the head of the motor.

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