Emergency Manual Stow for the Ulterra

The steps below will walk you through manually stowing your Ulterra. Click here if you would like to watch a video on manually stowing your Ulterra. 

Tools Needed

  • a #3 Phillips Screwdriver
  • a #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • a Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • Emergency Strap


  1. While the motor is in the deployed position, use a #3 Phillips Screwdriver, to remove the Right Sideplate. Do this by removing the two screws that hold the sideplate in place.Manual_Stow_1.png
  2. Using a #2 Phillips Screwdriver, loosen the screw on the Manual Tilt Knob.Manual_Stow_2.png
  3. The Manual Tilt Knob holds two Metal Plates together. Using a Flat Blade Screwdriver, pry up on the Manual Tilt Knob until it releases from the Metal Plates.Manual_Stow_3.png
  4. Locate the Trim Release Handle on the Side of the Trim Housing. Grasp the Trim Release Handle and pull it out.Manual_Stow_4.png
  5. While pulling the Trim Release Handle out, grasp the Trim Housing and Shaft and lift them up off the Steering Housing.
  6. Lift up on the Trim Housing until the Shaft and Trim Housing can be pulled up by hand.Manual_Stow_5.png
  7. While the Trim Housing and Shaft are lifted up, release the Latch Pin Bracket and rotate the Shaft and Trim Housing, in and down towards the stowed position.Manual_Stow_6.png
  8. Pull the Lower Unit onto the Mount Ramps.Manual_Stow_7.png
  9. Secure the Lower Unit onto the Mount Ramps using the Emergency Strap that was provided with the motor. The D-ring on the Emergency Strap can be hooked into the Base Extrusion below the sideplate that was removed.Manual_Stow_8.png
  10. With the D-ring secured, wrap the Emergency Strap around the Lower Unit and secure it to itself. The Emergency Strap should be pulled tight enough that the Lower Unit rests securely on the Mount Ramps.
  11. While the motor is in the stowed position, use a #3 Phillips Screwdriver to replace the Right Sideplate, if desired. Do this by replacing the two screws that hold the sideplate in place that were removed at the start.
  12. If all emergency stow procedure attempts fail, please contact your local authorized service center.

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