Terrova and Riptide Terrova Accidental Deployment (for all Terrovas , Riptide Terrovas, Terrova Quest, and RT ST motors)(2007-present)

The Terrova trolling motor comes equipped with a depth collar that serves two purposes; adjust the depth of the motor in the water and to secure the motor when stowed. If the depth collar is not slide against the Lift Assist Housing the motor could accidentally deploy when in the stowed position. If the depth collar is properly secured, the motor will not accidentally deploy. Damage caused by incorrectly stowing the motor is not covered by the warranty for the Terrova and Riptide Terrova. Any damage would need to be submitted to your insurance company as a claim.

Terrova with No Lift Assist (2023-present)

Terrova with Lift Assist (2017-2022)


To Stow the Motor Correctly

  1. Loosen the Depth Collar and depress the Stow Deploy Lever.
  2. Raise the motor by pulling up on the Shaft or Control Head.
  3. Pull the motor toward the stern until it rests securely on the Fall Away Ramp and the Fall Away Ramps captures the Lower Unit.
  4. Slide the Depth Collar down and secure it against the top of the Lift Assist Housing to secure the motor in place and prevent accidental deployment.

Adjusting the Lower Unit for a Secure Stow

  1. Before transporting the boat over water or land, stow the motor to determine where the Lower Unit rests on the Fall Away Ramps.
  2. If the Lower Unit does not sit on the Fall Away Ramps, deploy the motor, and stow it again.
  3. Be sure to press the Stow Deploy Lever and adjust the Motor to allow it to rest on the Fall Away Ramps.
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