Product Availability and Out of Stock Products and Parts

Out of Stock Products

If the product you are looking for is out of stock on our website, please check your local retailers with the "Shop Locally" option on the the left side of the webpage for the product.

Using Shop Locally

  1. To use the "Shop Locally" option, click on either a suggested retailer or "SHOW ALL LOCAL OPTIONS".
  2. After clicking on "SHOW ALL LOCAL OPTIONS", you will see a map with all of the local retailers listed.
  3. After clicking on a retailer, you will see the retailer's information and a map with their location.
  • Note: Shop Locally does not show true stock levels and you should contact the retailer to verify product availability. We ensure our retailers and dealers receive their products before advertising a product as available on
  • Note: By using Shop Locally, you can be assured you are purchasing products through an Authorized Retailer or Authorized Dealer. Anyone not on this list may not be an Authorized Minn Kota Dealer and you should proceed with caution if you are purchasing from them.

Out of Stock Parts

If the part(s) you are looking for is out of stock on our parts portal, you can check with your local Authorized Service Provider.

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