Troubleshooting the Ulterra

If your Ulterra is having an issue, we recommend taking the motor into an Authorized Service Center. If you want to try troubleshooting the Ulterra yourself, the most common issues are listed below. We also have a step by step guide to help you troubleshoot your Ulterra.

You can also download the Ulterra Troubleshooting PDF

Most Common Issues

  • What do I do if I deploy my Ulterra or Riptide Ulterra and the prop will not turn and the motor steering does not work?
    If the motor is deployed but not trimmed far enough down into the water the propeller and motor steering are locked out for safety. Once the motor is trimmed down further into the water the motor functions will become active again.
  • What do I do if my Ulterra or Riptide Ulterra motor will not stow due to the motor not aligning with the motor mount?
    There is a stow/deploy realignment procedure to realign the motor position to properly stow.
  • If the trim position of my Ulterra or Riptide Ulterra gets out of alignment how do I reset it?
    There is a calibration procedure to realign the trim position of your motor.
  • What do I do if my Ulterra or Riptide Ulterra motor does not turn on?
    When attempting to turn on your motor and the green power indicator light does not light up that is stating no power is getting to the motor. In this case, battery voltage levels and circuit breaker should be checked for proper operation. If the green light comes on but then goes back off soon after that means the motor is not getting enough voltage to operate. In this case, batteries should be checked to ensure they are fully charged and wire connections should be check ensure they are tight and clean.
  • What do I do if my Ulterra seems to lose power?
    The Ulterra will cut back on the prop power as the voltage from the batteries drops.
  • How do I stow my Ulterra if it will not stow?
    You can use the Emergency Manual Stow to stow the Ulterra if it will not stow on it's own.
    Click here for a printable version of the Emergency Manual Stow.
  • Why does my remote say Motor Error? There are several reasons for a motor error. Usually it means the motor has something blocking it from doing what you have asked it to do. The video below will walk you through why motor errors happen and what to do.

For additional information, you can watch our Ulterra Troubleshooting Playlist on YouTube. Subscribe to our Minn Kota Tutorial Channel to see more how-to videos.

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