Using the Precision Charger (PC) (non-lithium) (2013-2022)

Battery Type Selection

Once a battery type is selected it will be stored until a new battery type is selected by the user.

Determining Selected Battery Type

To determine which battery type is selected, press and release the “BATTERY SELECTION” button. The yellow LED located next to the corresponding battery type selected will illuminate for 2 seconds.

Charging Different Battery Types

Dual Function LED Display

Perform Equalize Mode on a Lead-Acid Battery

It is recommended to perform Equalize Mode every 30th charge cycle or once a year for lead-acid batteries only.

How to set Equalization mode

Equalization Mode is only available on Minn Kota PC and PCL Chargers. Minn Kota Precision Chargers feature Automatic Equalization Technology that cleans and conditions batteries with each charge cycle. Only Flooded lead-acid batteries should be equalized. The charger must have the Flooded battery type selected. If a different battery type was previously selected, the charger will not allow Equalize Mode to be selected. When the Flooded battery type is selected, press and hold the "BATTERY SELECTION" buttons until all 3 battery type LEDs are illuminated. When the button is released, Equalize Mode is selected. For more information watch the video below:

Equalization Mode for Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

Losing AC Power or Unplugging from AC during Deep Equalization mode

If the Precision Charger loses AC Power or is unplugged during the Deep Cycle Mode, the Deep Cycle mode is cancelled and the charger will restart the charging cycle in normal Flooded Lead Acid battery mode.

LEDs Staying illuminated for a Period of Time after Unplugged from AC Power

It is normal for the LEDs on your Precision Charger to stay illuminated after being unplugged from AC power. This does not affect your batteries. It is simply a function of the Precision charging ensuring the charger is disconnected prior to terminating the charge cycle.
The PC charger takes many complex and detailed measurements of the battery during a charge cycle. The software in the charger processes this information to make the best possible decisions to give your battery the best charge on the market. In some cases the measurements and software algorithms make it difficult to detect when AC has been disconnected and therefore the charger may take a while to power down and turn off.

Using the Precision Charger with Odyssey Marine Batteries

All Minn Kota On-Board Precision Chargers have been tested by Odyssey and found to properly charge all sizes of their marine battery line.


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