Updating your Raptor Software (2020-present)

The software on the Raptor can be updated using the One-Boat Network Mobile App. The steps below will walk you through updating the software. There is also a video at the bottom of this page if you would like to watch how to update the software for your Raptor.

Check the Application and Raptor Software Version on the App

When a Raptor is paired with a device, the Raptor app on the device records information about the paired Raptor(s), including the software version installed on each. This information can be used to detect if a Raptor requires a software update. To check the software version on paired Raptor(s), follow the steps below.

  1. From the One-Boat Network Mobile App Home screen, select Raptor.
  2. From the Raptor Home Screen, tap on the Menu Button.
  3. In the Menu Screen, find the Software Update option and select it.
  4. The Software Updates Screen will appear. The Software List will show any Raptors that are paired with the app and the Raptor App Software Version.
  5. If there are no Raptors paired, the list will only show information for the Raptor App. If Raptors are paired and communicating, the name of each device will be colored white. If the Raptors are paired but are not communicating the Raptor name will be colored gray.

Update the Raptor from the Raptor App

Raptor software updates are performed through the Raptor app. The Raptor must be paired and communicating with the device through a Bluetooth connection in order for the Raptor to be updated.

  1. Open the Raptor App. From the Raptor Home Screen select the Menu Button.
  2. With the Menu open, select "Software Update".
  3. The Software Update screen will list all Paired Raptors. If a software update is available for a Raptor, an "Available Version" will be listed. If the App detects that the Raptor(s) is/are up to date, it will list "Up to Date".
  4. After the Raptor is chosen, select "UPDATE" to begin the update.
  5. By selecting "UPDATE" the software will load and prepare. When ready, the app will read "TRANSFER". Select "TRANSFER" to push the update to the Raptor.
  6. The app will transfer the software to the Raptor. Keep the device in range to allow communication via the Bluetooth enabled devices so that all the software transfers.
  7. When the transfer is complete, the Raptor App on an Android will flash a message "Raptor Update Complete. Raptor is restarting."
  8. When the App returns to the Software Update Screen, the Raptor will read "Up to Date".


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