Using CoPilot

Change Audible Modes for CoPilot

You have the ability to change the audio modes of your CoPilot system. The unit is factory pre-set to Audio Mode 2. There are three receiver audio modes available. To switch from one audio mode to another, press and hold both the INCREASE and DECREASE speed buttons on the remote down for one second. The receiver will respond with 1, 2, or 3 audible beeps indicating the corresponding receiver audio mode change.

Audio Mode 1 = All of the normal audible sounds mentioned in this owners manual.

Audio Mode 2 = Same as audio mode 1 plus an audible beep for speed increase / decrease and prop on/off.

Audio Mode 3 = Same as audio mode 2 plus the prop on audible click every few seconds.

NOTE: when the corded foot pedal is in control and the propeller is on, the prop on indicator click will be heard if the receiver is set to audio mode 3.


Will the CoPilot Work with a Cable-Steer or Hand-Controlled Trolling Motor

No, CoPilot is designed only for electric steer motors. CoPilot is available on some Terrova and PowerDrive Motors.


Adapter Plugs to Mate a Newer CoPilot up with an Older Motor

There are no adapter cables for the CoPilot accessory.


Can the CoPilot Wireless Foot Pedal be Used in Place of a Corded Foot Pedal

You can use the CoPilot Wireless Foot Pedal on your trolling motor instead of the corded pedal only if your PowerDrive V2 or Riptide SP already has the Minn Kota CoPilot system installed. You will be able to program the CoPilot Wireless Foot Pedal with your CoPilot receiver. For directions on how this is done, refer to the CoPilot Wireless Foot Pedal instruction sheet.


How Long will the Batteries in a CoPilot Remote and Wireless Foot Pedal Last

Typically the batteries will last one year or at least two regular fishing seasons.


If I Currently Have a CoPilot on my Trolling Motor, Can I Install the i-Pilot System

Yes, however i-Pilot will override CoPilot so the CoPilot system will no longer be functional. i-Pilot includes all the features of CoPilot.


Why Doesn't the Plug on the CoPilot Match the Plug on the Trolling Motor

If the plug from the CoPilot and the trolling motor don't match, you have purchased the wrong CoPilot.
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