PowerDrive V2 Wireless CoPilot Foot Pedal (2007-2016)

The PowerDrive V2 equipped with CoPilot system gives you control of speed, steering and prop on/off. The foot pedal was available for PowerDrive V2 motors made between 2007 and 2016.


Learning a New Remote to CoPilot

Your receiver may learn up to ten remotes. Any additional remotes can be "Learned" using the following steps. This will also work to "Learn" any remote if all remotes are erased from the receiver.

Adding Remotes

  1. Press and hold the LEARN button located on the side of the receiver (receiver will emit a continuous tone). A small blunt object must be used to depress the LEARN button (pen or screwdriver).
  2. Press any button on the foot pedal (receiver will beep 4 times confirming that it has “learned” the ID number of the foot pedal and that the programming is valid and complete.

NOTE: Receiver will store the IDs of up to 10 foot pedals and/or CoPilot remotes

Changing the Battery in the CoPilot Remote

The PowerDrive V2 Wireless CoPilot Foot Pedal use two AA size non-alkaline batteries.

How to Change the Batteries


    1. Remove the four screws from battery cover on the bottom of the foot pedal.
    2. Remove battery cover and gasket.
    3. Install the 2 new batteries with the positive (+) side of the battery orientated as shown on pedal.
    4. Reassemble by replacing the gasket and cover.

NOTE: The batteries must be size AA (not included). It is strongly recommended that a name brand alkaline battery is used.

Controlling the MotorPowerDrive_CoPilot_Wireless_Foot_Pedal_with_Functions.png

Turning the Prop On and Off

Press the button once to turn the propeller ON; press button a second time to turn it OFF. The button does not need to be held down.

Increasing and Decreasing Speed

Pressing and releasing these buttons causes the speed to increase or decrease by one level. The speed is adjustable from level 0-10. At level 0, the prop will not turn.

Steering Left and Right

To steer the motor to the right, press the right side of the foot pedal with your foot. To steer the motor to the left, press the left side of the foot pedal with your foot.

Audio Modes

There are three receiver audio modes available. The unit is factory set to Audio Mode 2. To switch between audio modes, insert the audio mode adjustment stick from the back of the pedal into the slot next to the speed marked “+”. Pushing the stick and the “-” down simultaneously for two seconds will toggle through the 3 audio modes. The receiver will respond with 1, 2 or 3 audible beeps indicating the corresponding receiver audio mode change.

  • Audio Mode 1: All of the normal CoPilot audio patterns (refer to CoPilot owner’s manual for a complete listing of audio patterns and their meanings).
  • Audio Mode 2: Same as audio mode 1 plus an audible beep for speed increase/decrease and prop on/off.
  • Audio Mode 3: Same as audio mode 2 plus the prop on audible click every few seconds.


Range of the Remote

The range of the PowerDrive V2 Wireless CoPilot Foot Pedal is 30 feet. The range of the remote will be greatly reduced if it is used near or mounted to any metal object including aluminum or steel. It is also recommended that the front end of the remote not be obstructed during use. 


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