Discounts, Rebates and Promotions

Military Discounts

Although we do support our military through the sponsorship of several benefit tournaments and organizations, we do not currently offer individual military discounts of this nature. However, your local dealer or service provider may offer a discount. We thank you for your understanding and send our heartfelt thanks for your service to our country.

Pro Staff, Sponsorships, and Licensed Guide Programs

Please visit our sponsorship page for complete details about the programs we offer. Any available programs will include information on how to apply.

Rebates and Promotions

You can see a current listing of our rebates and promotions on our promotions page. The promotions/rebates will include information on qualifications for the promotion and how to claim it. If you have any questions on a current rebate/promotion please contact our rebate team at 833.823.3625 or via chat.

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