Universal Sonar (US) Basics

The Universal Sonar has been discontinued and replaced with the Universal Sonar 2.


Features of the Universal Sonar

The original Universal Sonar transducer offered dual frequency sonar. The frequencies are 192 kHz and 200 kHz. It did not offer temperature or speed functions. The Universal Sonar cone angle measures 14 degrees at -3dB. The attached PDF shows the compatibility and adapters needed. Please note the adapters cables have also been discontinued.


Features of the Universal Sonar 2

The new Universal Sonar 2 feature offers a transducer that has an array of built-in temperature sensors that will display water temperature on most major fishfinder brands that have this feature. Please refer to our US2-Compatibility-Chart for specific models.


Upgrading to Universal Sonar 2

Some motors could be upgraded to a Universal Sonar 2 motor, but the cost of parts and labor to do so is prohibitive. Additionally, due to the technical nature of the install and the impact on sonar performance because of component interface tolerances and fits, upgrading is not recommended. There would be no warranty on the sonar parts installed and any existing warranty on the trolling motor will be voided.

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