Issues with Registering your Minn Kota Issues with Registering your Minn Kota and Mailing-in your Registration Card

While registration is not required for your warranty, you can choose to register to receive information about Minn Kota and Minn Kota products. Click here to go to the Minn Kota Registration Page.

Issues with attaching a picture of your proof of purchase

  • The file cannot be larger than 10mb.
  • The file type must be a jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, or a gif.

Error Message "Review the fields highlighted in red before continuing

If you are unable to register your product, and getting the the error message shown below, it is caused by entering the serial number and using the "Tab" key to move to the next field.

To resolve this issue, instead of using the "Tab" key to advance to the next field, use your mouse to click the field “Your Product Name” box. If the product information doesn’t populate, then start typing in the product number and select the appropriate product from the drop down selections.

If you continue to have issues with registering your product please verify that you are typing in the serial number correctly (most commonly, the letter "O" is used instead of the number "0" and the letter "I" is used instead of the number "1").

If you continue to have difficulties with this site, our IT department is aware of this, and working towards a resolution. Your patience is appreciated.

Mailing in your Registration Card

If your Minn Kota came with the registration card shown below, you can scan the QR code or go to to register your Minn Kota. This card cannot be mailed.
Registration Card.png

If your Minn Kota came with a mail-in registration card (see example below) and you are still having issues with registering you can send your registration card to the address below.

  • Mary Cook
    Cooks Data Services
    110 Cook Ln.
    Oden, AR 71961-8195

MK Registration Card OLD.png

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