Heading Sensor Availability and Coupon (for Motor Purchased in 2022)

Like many products, Minn Kota trolling motors have been affected by global supply chain shortages concerning common components used in manufacturing. In an effort to provide anglers with the best motors on the water as soon as possible, certain non-essential components including the Bluetooth™ heading sensor and/or i-Pilot® remote have been omitted from the product packaging of select trolling motors.

Due to unprecedented demand, we are working every day to ship more motors than ever before and our commitment is to provide every customer with their components as soon as they become available. We have opened a registration site at MinnKotaPromotions.com where consumers need only enter their serial number and shipping information to secure their shipment. Once the consumer receives their new Minn Kota Trolling Motor, there will be a card in the bag with the literature, that explains the change and instructions on how they can redeem it. Once they have submitted their information on the website, we will ship the consumers the components once available.

You will receive an email from johnsonoutdoors@minnkotapromotions.com once your offer has been shipped. A Rebate Tracking number was emailed to you once your submission was approved. If you have your rebate tracking number you can follow the status at https://www.minnkotapromotions.com/#/tracker. If you do not have rebate tracking number please reach out to our rebate partner at https://www.minnkotapromotions.com/#/contact.

You can track the status at https://www.minnkotapromotions.com/US/#/tracker. The tracking will be updated as your Redemption is processed.

Redeem your Heading Sensor Coupon

  1. Go to www.minnkotapromotions.com.
  2. Select your country.
  3. Type in your Serial Number. Click here for information on locating your serial number
  4. Type in your Purchase Date and click "Continue"mceclip2.png
  5. If you get an error message saying "Invalid serial number format" or "Serial number not found" check the serial number and retype it. If you continue to have issues with registering your product please verify that you are typing in the serial number correctly (most commonly, the letter "O" is used instead of the number "0" and the letter "I" is used instead of the number "1").​
  6. Once your serial number is accepted, continue to fill out the information on the next screen and submit the form. Once the form is accepted, you will get a tracking number for the Heading Sensor. The tracking number can be used at https://www.minnkotapromotions.com/US/#/tracker to track the status of your heading sensor. 

Track your Heading Sensor Redemption

After you submit the information for redeeming you Heading Sensor, you can track the status at https://www.minnkotapromotions.com/US/#/tracker.

  1. Type in your Tracking Number and click "Track".mceclip0.png
  2. After Clicking Track, you will see the status.mceclip1.png


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