Installing an External Transducer

Your trolling motor may come with a Mega Side and Down Imaging (MSI), Mega Down Imaging (MDI), or a Universal Sonar 2 (US2) transducer built into the lower unit. The built-in transducer may interfere with mounting an external transducer, depending on the size of the external transducer. Also, having 2 transducers that close to each other, may cause interference.

Mounting the External Transducer

  1. Mount the External Transducer according to the directions provided with the transducer.
  2. Leave enough slack in the Transducer Cable between the Lower Unit and the Control Head to allow the motor to properly stow and deploy.
  3. Use 2 tie wrap cables to secure the Transducer Cable just above the Lift Assist Collar or Depth Collar and just below the Control Head.
  4. Run the Transducer Cable through the Coil Cord to the Fishfinder and/or power supply.


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