"Motor Not Found" Error for Bluetooth i-Pilot Remote (2017-current)

If your Bluetooth i-Pilot Remote shows "Motor Not Found" the i-Pilot remote is not able to communicate with the i-Pilot Controller built into the trolling motor.

Click the button below for the Bluetooth i-Pilot® and i-Pilot Link Systems Troubleshooting Guide.

  1. Verify the i-Pilot Controller has power.
    • For PowerDrive Motors press the “Push-to-Test” battery meter to verify voltage to the motor and check the connection to the foot pedal plug is secure.
    • For all other motors verify the motor is turned on, a system ready or power light will be illuminated (on the base of the motor on all Terrova/Ulterra Models, on the foot pedal on Ultrex).
  2. Re-pair/re-learn the remote to the Controller.
  3. Turn the system OFF and then back ON (for PowerDrive models, disconnect then reconnect power).

To Pair your Remote

  1. Power on your motor
    • Ultrex- Press the power button on the foot pedal.
    • Ulterra and Riptide Ulterra- Press the power button on the base of the motor.
    • Terrova and Riptide Terrova- Press the power button on the base of the motor.
    • PowerDrive and Riptide PowerDrive- Deploy the motor.
  2. Power on the remote by pressing the OK IP-Ok.pngbutton in the top right corner of the keypad.
  3. Press the Home IP-Home.png button.
  4. Use the Menu Up IP-Up.png and Menu Down IP-Down.png buttons to find the System menu at the bottom of the display screen.
  5. Use the Right IP-Right_Select.png Softkey to select the System menu.
  6. Use the Menu Up IP-Up.png and Menu Down IP-Down.png buttons to find the Pair option.
  7. Before selecting the Pair Option, locate the Pair Button on the top of the Control Head. Press and hold the Pair button. A consistent tone will be emitted from the Control Head.
  8. On the remote, use the Ok IP-Ok.png button to select the Pair option from the System menu. The Remote will scan for the motor.
  9. Once successfully paired, 3 longer beeps will be emitted from the Control Head and the remote will be paired.


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