Changing the Prop Orientation on a Ulterra (DOES NOT INCLUDE ULTERRA QUEST)(2015-present)

When the motor is mounted onto the boat, the orientation of the Prop may be changed to either Inboard or Outboard to accommodate different boat cover configurations. Complete the following steps to change prop orientation.

  1. Be sure the motor is connected to a power source and turn the motor “on”.
  2. Deploy the motor using the Stow/Deploy Button on the Foot Pedal or using the i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link remote.
  3. Turn the motor “off”. Make sure the Power Cables from the battery are disconnected, or that the breaker, if equipped, is “off”.
  4. Locate the Trim Release Handle on the Side of the Trim Housing. Grasp the Trim Release Handle and pull it out.
  5. While holding the Trim Release Handle out, grasp the Trim Housing and Shaft and lift them up off the Steering Housing. Wait a minimum of 10 seconds holding it in this position.
  6. While holding Trim Housing and Shaft up, rotate them 180 degrees.
  7. The Trim Housing and Shaft may be turned either clockwise, or counterclockwise depending on if the motor is originally mounted on either the Port or Starboard side of the boat and the necessary accommodations that will be needed for each individual situation.
  8. Once in the proper orientation, lower the Trim Housing and Shaft onto the Steering Housing.
  9. Let the Trim Release Handle move back in place.
  10. Reconnect the Power Cables to the battery and make sure the breaker, if equipped, is turned “on”. Turn the motor “on”.
  11. Stow the motor using the Stow/Deploy Button on the Foot Pedal or using the i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link remote to check the orientation of the Prop.
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