Bluetooth Talon Features, Specifications and Manuals (2018-present)

When you find the right fishing spot time is critical. You can’t wait to anchor, can’t wait to cast, and can’t be bothered to move until you get what you came for. That’s why we designed every inch of Talon to hold you in place effortlessly and relentlessly – every time out. Talon is also the first and only shallow water anchor available in lengths up to 15 feet.

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  • Multiple Control Options: Control Talon from anywhere on the boat using your choice of options: Control Panel, Wireless Remote, Foot Switch, Advanced GPS Remote, i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link Remote, One-Boat Network Mobile App, or right from the Humminbird fish finder
  • User-Selectable Anchoring Modes: Separate anchoring modes for Rough Water (heavy wind and chop), Soft Bottom (muddy or silted bottom), and standard (normal anchoring)
  • Built-in Work Light: Illuminate the boat transom any time of day — or night. Includes two colors (white and blue) and each has three brightness intensity settings
  • Talon Remote: Lets you control stow, deploy, anchoring modes, multiple Talon selection and work light; comes standard with one wireless remote
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Control Talon from your mobile device (iOS or Android) and easily update software
  • Indestructible Anchoring Spike: Strong and flexible composite anchor spike backed with a lifetime guarantee
  • Vertical Deployment: Keeps Talon out of the way of your fishing lines
  • Wave Absorption: Built-in floating suspension keeps your boat anchored down even in rough water, enabling your boat to move up or down without affecting the anchor
  • Auto Up/Down: Automatically deploy or retract your Talon with the push of a button; no need to hold the button down
  • Pivoting Design: Talon includes a mounting bracket that allows for up and down adjustments to fit any transom, 30 degrees of pivoting and easy removal
  • Deployment Notification Alarm: Alerts you when trying to take off while Talon is deployed
  • Saltwater-Tough Engineering: Keeps Talon safe from the corrosive effects of saltwater


  • Available Anchor Depths
    Talon is available in 8', 10', 12', and 15' anchoring depths.
  • Control Options
    Talons can be controlled from the panel on the Talon, handheld remote (1 included), the wireless Talon Foot Switch (sold separately), the One-Boat Network mobile app, or the Raptor/Talon Stomp Switches (sold separately).
  • Available Colors
    The Talon is available in Black, Blue, Red, Silver/Black, Silver/White, and White.
  • Shipping Weight
    • 8' Talon- 51 lbs.
    • 10' Talon- 56 lbs.
    • 12' Talon- 63 lbs.
    • 15' Talon- 72 lbs.

Talon Dimensions when Stowed

  • Two Stage Models (Produced from 2011 to 2015)
    • 6' Talon is 45"
    • 8' Talon is 57"
  • Three Stage Models (Produced from 2014 to current)
    • 8' Talon is 41"
    • 10' Talon is 49.5"
    • 12' Talon is 57.5"
  • Three Stage Models (Produced from 2018 to current)
    • 8' Talon is 41"
    • 10' Talon is 49.5"
    • 12' Talon is 57.5"
    • 15' Talon is 69"

Maximum Boat Weight a Talon can Hold

A single Talon is capable of anchoring a boat up to 28’ in length, and 4,500 lbs. For boats larger than this, we would recommend an additional Talon to ensure proper anchoring capability.


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