Maintaining the Talon (2018-present)

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Minn Kota recommends as part of your normal routine, to rinse the Talon to minimize any build up on the anchor. Following one of the rinse practices listed below is recommended after every use.


30 Second Deep Water Rinse

  1. Before docking / trailering your boat, enter into water depths that exceed the depth capacity of your Talon in an area free of obstructions.
  2. Double click the Down Button on the remote to auto deploy the Talon to full extension.
  3. Place the main engine into gear AT IDLE ONLY.
  4. Single click the Up Button on the remote.

Extended Hose Rinse

  1. Lay the Talon down and extend fully.
  2. For simplicity, we suggest using a Talon Tilt Bracket accessory (1810222). Otherwise, remove the Talon from the mounting bracket and lay down to extend for rinsing.
  3. Rinse the sections of the Talon thoroughly while extended.
  4. Retract the Talon, and return it to its upright installed position.

Additional Maintenance

  • After the Talon is in use, periodically check the Hex Head Cap Screws and Nylock Nuts on the mounting Bracket and tighten them to 30 in-lbs.
  • Inspect the Talon Power Cable and wires for signs of wear and keep them free and clear from high traffic areas to avoid damage.
  • Inspect the Spike after each use to check for wear, damage or fractures. Replace the Spike if damage is present.


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