Adjusting the Boat Scale for Advanced GPS Navigation (2023-present)

Trolling motor performance can be impacted by factors including, but not limited to, wind, water conditions, boat specifications, battery health, wiring, etc. Boat Scale provides a method of adjusting how the trolling motor will perform to account for these and other variables. The Minn Kota trolling motor comes from the factory with Boat Scale set to zero. Boat Scale can be adjusted up (+2) or down (-2) to increase or decrease how the motor control software applies power while using a navigation mode like Spot-Lock. An example showing the need to reduce Boat Scale would be while using Spot-Lock and the motor is over-correcting or making frequent adjustments. In this case, try reducing Boat Scale to -1 to reduce this behavior. If the behavior continues, reduce Boat Scale to -2. An example showing the need to increase Boat Scale while using Spot-Lock would be the motor is drifting away from its target location frequently or needs help to make corrections. Try increasing Boat Scale to +1 to help improve the trolling motor accuracy in this case. If the behavior continues, increase Boat Scale to +2.

Adjusting Boat Scale with the Wireless Remote

  1. With the trolling motor powered “on”, press the Menu button on the Wireless Remote.
    boat scale 1a.png
  2. Use the Speed Up or Speed Down button to find the Motor Settings menu. Use the Steer Right button to select Motor Settings.
    boat scale 1b.png
  3. In the Motor Settings Menu, use the Speed Up or Speed Down button to find Setup/Calibration.
    boat scale 1c.png
  4. Once in the Setup/Calibration menu, use the Speed Up or Speed Down button to find Boat Scale.
    boat scale 2d.png
  5. Use the Steer Left or Steer Right button to adjust the Boat Scale to one of the five settings: -2, -1, 0, 1 or 2.
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