Advanced GPS Navigation Audio Modes (2023-present)

The controller in the Control Head contains an internal speaker which can be configured from the remote to play all sounds or only play alarm sounds. Review the modes below to determine what audio patterns are caused by conditions in each audio mode.

Understanding Audio Modes

Audio Modes chart.png
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Changing the Controller Audio Mode

  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. Scroll through the Content Area using the Speed Down or Speed Up button to find Motor Settings.
  3. Select Motor Settings by pressing the Steer Right button.
    Audio Modes 1c.png
  4. Scroll to Audio Mode and select it by pressing the Steer Right button.
    Audio Modes 1d.png
  5. Once in the Audio Mode menu, select either "Alarms Only" or "All Sounds." The circle to the right of the selected mode will be colored in yellow when selected.
    Audio Modes 2e.png
  6. To exit the menu, press and hold the Menu button to return to the Dashboard.
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