Installing a Propeller

Tools Needed:

  • wrench (either a ½” or 9/16” depending on the model)
  • Flat Blade Screwdriver (only needed if the prop pin is broken)

Caution: Always wear safety glasses and gloves. Disconnect all power to the trolling motor before beginning any work or maintenance. Johnson Outdoors Inc. is not responsible for any damage due to improper rigging or installation. If you are unsure how or unable to perform the following, we recommend you seek the help of an Authorized Service Center or click here to contact us.

  1. Disconnect the positive (+) motor lead from the battery prior to changing the propeller.
  2. Hold the propeller and loosen the prop nut with pliers or a wrench.
  3. Remove prop nut and washer. If the drive pin is sheared/broken, you will need to hold the shaft steady with a screwdriver blade pressed into the slot on the end of the shaft
  4. Turn the old prop to horizontal, to prevent the drive pin from falling out, and pull it straight off. If the drive pin does fall out, push it back into the armature shaft.
  5. Align new propeller with drive pin.
  6. Install prop washer and prop nut.
  7. Tighten prop nut 1/4 turn past snug, [25-35 inch lbs.].

Caution: Over tightening can damage prop and bend the drive pin.

NOTE: We recommend removing the prop after every use to check for weeds or fishing line that may be caught behind it. This can result in damage to the seals and allow water into the motor. Debris is not always visible, and prop must be remove to be properly inspected.

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