Prop Pins (for all motors)

Propeller pins are designed to break when the prop gets caught on debris or underwater obstructions. They are designed to break to prevent damage to the armature and other parts of the lower unit of the motor. We have several prop pins available.

We have several prop pins. They are available in prop nut kits and also individually. They are also included with the propellers. The pin or kit you need will be based on your motor. Click here to determine which prop pin you need. The links at the bottom of the page will take you to the pins on our Parts Portal. There is a PDF available for downloading and printing at the bottom of the page for instructions on replacing the propeller.

Replacing the Prop Pin

  1. Remove the propeller by removing the nut and washer holding the prop in place.
  2. The prop pin is located on the propeller shaft and is covered by the propeller.
  3. The pin should slide out. If it does not, you will need to tap it out with a punch.
  4. Slide the new pin in place.
  5. Slide the prop on and seat it over the prop pin.
  6. Replace the nut and washer for the propeller securely.

Prop Nut Kits and Prop Pins


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