T-Bar Replacement for Transom Motors (Endura, Endura Max, Maxxum Transom, Camo, Turbo, and select Riptide Transom motors, 1998-present)

The following instructions show how to replace the T‐Bar on a Minn Kota 10 position lever lock transom bracket. This bracket is used on all Minn Kota Endura, Endura C2, Endura Max, Maxxum Transom motors with 55 pounds or less thrust, camouflaged Waterfowl Edition, Turbo, and select Riptide Transom motors manufactured from 2002 to the present. A broken T‐Bar is usually the result of a significant impact with an underwater obstruction and is usually not covered by the warranty. The T‐Bar will normally break before any other components are damaged.

Note: For the most of this procedure the motor should be off of the boat with the weight of the motor supported by the ground.

Tools Needed


Replacing the T-Bar

  1. To remove the Tilt Lever Pin position the bracket so that the ends of the Tilt Lever Pin are exposed, the extreme high and low bracket positions block access to the tilt lever pin.
  2. Use the small punch and hammer to drive the pin out approximately 1/8” (this exposes the knurled end). If you do not see the knurled end drive the pin the other direction.
  3. When the knurled end is fully exposed the pin should be able to be easily removed by hand.
  4. Note: For the remaining steps the motor should be removed from the boat with the lower unit supported by the ground, as this will lessen the risk of injury from pinching. With the lower unit supported, tilt the bracket all the way to the highest position to allow access to the T‐bar; if the T‐bar is still partially functioning you will need to pull straight up on the tilt lever to allow the bracket to change positions.
  5. With the bracket in the highest position you can easily access the T‐Bar. Use the pry bar or large screw driver to push the T‐Bar up until it is out of its guide slots in the hinge, and then leave it supported by the edge of the hinge.
  6. Install the tilt lever. Guide the wider portion of the opening in the tilt lever over the knob at the top of the T‐Bar with the longer arm of the tilt lever parallel to the motor shaft.
  7. Holding the tilt lever pin by the knurled end guide it into through the hole in the hinge assembly and the hole in the tilt lever until the pin is in the hole on the opposite side of the hinge.
  8. With the pin in position use a hammer to drive the pin in until it is flush.
  9. With the tilt lever pin in place tip the bracket so you can see the T‐Bar. Push the T‐Bar off of its temporary hinge support and allow it to drop into the grooves in the hinge that normally support it.
  10. With the T‐Bar captured by its groove in the hinge the T‐Bar replacement is complete and the motor is ready to be returned to the boat.
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