Cleaning and Lubricating Trolling Motors

Cleaning the motor

The motor can be rinsed with freshwater, then wiped down with a cloth dampened with an aqueous based silicone spray as directed below.
*Do not spray water into the ventilation openings in the head of the motor.

Lubricating the motor

Lubricating the shaft of your motor can assist in deploying and stowing your motor. You will want to use a water-based silicone spray. Sprays like Pledge or Armor-All work well.

*Minn Kota does not recommend using oil-based lubricants like WD-40 because oil-based sprays will attract dirt and debris and cause issues.

To lubricate your shaft, wipe the shaft with a rag or paper towel with the Pledge or Armor-All on it or spray the shaft down with the spray and wipe it to evenly coat the shaft.

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