Minn Kota Battery Monitoring for QUEST Trolling Motors (2023-present)

See real-time readings to watch your power, remaining runtime and low-battery alerts displayed on your Humminbird® fish finder.

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Minn Kota Battery Monitoring

  • During the setup of Minn Kota Battery Monitoring, your compatible Humminbird Fishfinder will ask you questions about the chemistry and capacity of your trolling motor battery system. This information is used in conjunction with current and voltage measurements from the Minn Kota QUEST trolling motor to provide you with the state of charge.
  • Once the batteries reach a state of charge of 20%, you will be prompted on the Minn Kota Battery Monitoring Dashboard to engage Eco Mode. Choosing Eco Mode limits power to the trolling motor to extend time on the water. Eco Mode can also be used at any time, however certain Advanced GPS Navigation features like Spot Lock and Drift Mode automatically disable Eco Mode.

Required Products to use Minn Kota Battery Monitoring and Compatibility

  • Minn Kota QUEST Series trolling motor (2023 to present)
  • Humminbird Fish Finder
    • Humminbird HELIX 8, 9, 10, 12, and 15 G3N and newer and HELIX 7 G4N
    • ALL SOLIX and APEX models

Using Minn Kota Battery Monitoring with Lithium Batteries

  1. When the lithium battery is discharged, the voltage does not change much and remains relatively flat until the battery is completely drained.
  2. As a result, using a voltage measurement to determine lithium battery state of charge is ineffective.
  3. Determining the state of charge on the lithium battery requires the monitoring of current in and out of the battery.

Some Lithium battery models include their own internal BMS (Battery Management System).This is not used to communicate battery information to the Minn Kota Battery Monitoring System.

  • When your Humminbird is set up to monitor lithium batteries, then the state of charge is automatically reset to 100% after the trolling motor system is off for 10 hours.
    • After this 10-hour reset, the Minn Kota Battery Monitoring Dashboard will then show the battery as 100% charged, even if it is not. It is important to note this on the water if the lithium batteries have not been fully charged.
    • Although there is no manual way to select the current charge level of the battery after a 10-hour reset, you can connect lithium batteries to your compatible Humminbird APEX, SOLIX, or HELIX if the batteries are NMEA 2000 enabled. This battery data can be sent for output in databoxes and readouts but is separate and is not used in the calculations of the Minn Kota Battery Monitoring System.
  • The other battery type selections in Minn Kota Battery Monitoring do not include a 10-hour reset. In these profiles, the proper state of the battery, even if the batteries have not been fully charged, will be displayed on the Dashboard.
    • With these battery chemistries, voltage measurements can be used through the full discharge cycle to provide an accurate discharge curve and readouts.

Video Guide: Battery Monitoring System for QUEST Motors

In the importance of maximizing your time on the water to gain a competitive edge, Minn Kota has introduced real-time battery monitoring through your Humminbird fish finder. You can also extend your day by activating eco mode when you reach 20% battery life, conserving power for essential functions.

Click on the video below for additional information on the Battery Monitoring System. The video covers several features of the Ultrex QUEST. Information on the Battery Monitoring System starts at 2:55. Click here to skip to that time. 



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