Deckhand 40 (DH40) will not Lift the Anchor (2004-current)

If your Deckhand will not lift the anchor but will deploy it, you will want to check the Spool Bearing, Momentary Switch, and the Up/Down Switch.

Spool Bearing

The spool bearing should move far enough to allow the button on the momentary switch to actuate when the rope is pulled by the weight of the anchor. If the spool bearing does not move far enough to actuate the switch, remove any physical obstructions.

Testing the Momentary Switch for Continuity

To test the momentary switch, you will need a continuity tester.

  1. Actuate the switch and listen for an audible click. If the switch does not click, the switch needs to be replaced.
  2. Put the probes for the continuity tester one on each tab of the switch.
  3. You should have continuity when you pull the rope out so that the button on the switch is extended.
  4. You should not have continuity when the rope is not being pulled and the spool is in the resting position so that the button on the switch is being pressed in.
  5. As you pull the rope so that the spool moves, you should here an audible click from the momentary switch.
  6. If you do not have continuity/no continuity as described above or the switch does not audibly click, the switch is bad and will need to be replaced.
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Up/Down Main Switch

If the Spool Bearing and the Momentary Switch are good, inspect the connections to the main switch, if all connections and wires to the main switch are in good condition the UP/DOWN switch is defective. Replace UP/DOWN switch, and test unit for proper operation.
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