Programming the length of a Bluetooth Talon (2018-present)

When replacing the control board for the Bluetooth Talon, this step is necessary on 10, 12 and 15 foot models, 8 foot models do not require programming.Caution-_The_Talon_will_fully_extend.png

  1. Connect the Black (B-) and White (B+) Power Leads to a 12v Power Supply.
  2. Verify it is retracted by pressing the Up Button on the Control Panel.
  3. Connect the Green Wire to the (B+) of the 12v Power Supply, within 1 second of making this connection press and release the Down Button on
    the Control Panel. The Talon will begin beeping.
  4. Before the beep sequence stops:
    1. Disconnect the Green Wire from the (B+) of the 12v Power Supply
    2. Press and Release the Down Button on the Control Panel.
    3. The Talon will extend to its full length then automatically retract.
  5. To test for proper function extend the Talon and observe the lights to verify that the 5th light comes on just prior to Talon full extension.

For Bluetooth Talon Control Board instructions, open the attachment on the bottom of this page.

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