Replacing the Spike on a Raptor Shallow Water Anchor (2020-present)

The Spike for your Raptor comes with a lifetime guarantee. For additional information and details, see Minn Kota Limited Warranty on Raptor Shallow Water Anchors.

  1. For safety reasons, we recommend putting the Raptor into Maintenance Mode while replacing the spike. This will prevent the Raptor from being accidentally deployed while you’re working on the replacement of the spike. First position the Raptor so that the end of the spike is about a foot off the ground. This will make reaching the hardware easier for replacing the spike. Put the Raptor into Maintenance Mode by pressing and HOLDING the PAIR/MAINTENANCE button until you hear 3 beeps, and the blue LED turns on.
  2. Next, using two 7/16” socket wrenches, remove the two stainless steel bolts and brass nylock nuts from the Upper Knuckle assembly. Once these bolts are removed, you should be able to freely slide the spike out of position. If necessary, there is a small opening at the top of the Upper Knuckle. You can use a 1/8” punch here if necessary to assist with removing the spike from the Upper Knuckle.
  3. Place the new spike back into the Upper Knuckle. Note that there are two alignment grooves near the top of the spike. This is what the bolts will engage with to retain the spike in position. Insert the two bolts through the Upper Knuckle, making sure they capture the alignment grooves on the spike, and affix the nylock brass nuts onto each of the bolts.
  4. Next, using two 7/16” socket wrenches, tighten the bolt and nut in a clockwise direction to secure the nut. If you have a torque wrench available, tighten the hardware to 60 in-lbs. You can now take the pump out of Maintenance Mode, and resume normal operation of your Minn Kota Raptor.


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